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The Document Exchange Challenge

Information is the gold of the digital economy. Despite advances with transactional technologies, the majority of business information is contained in documents stored in computer files. To compete, corporations must exchange these files instantly, securely and reliably, from anywhere, to anywhere, regardless of geographic boundaries or computing platform preferences.

This daily challenge echoes in the halls of corporations:
"The merger's financial analysis is due in 10 minutes. How do we get it to the clients in London and Sydney?"
"Send me the marketing presentation now and don't use email .... I hate when big files clog up my mailbox"
"How come the specs leaked out to our competitors? Why wasn't it sent securely to China?"

Old Tools Are No Longer Adequate

For rapid mail delivery, trains have replaced the Pony Express and planes have replaced trains. To send electronic messages email has replaced fax and instant messaging is replacing email ... but with computer files, FTP is the slow equivalent of the old Pony Express. It is time for DigiVault.

DigiVault is the Solution

Whether you work in Advertising, Media, Publishing, Financial or Legal Services, Pharmaceuticals, Health Care, M&A or HR, DigiVault will keep your information out of harm's way.

It can be installed in house or in the data center of your choice.

For a live demo and integration questions, please contact info@lexias.com or call Sales at 212-682-0100