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LexiGuard 1.1
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This solution protects data from internal and external attack.
With the enterprise version available as well, this becomes a very scaleable product with a wide variety of support for different operating systems.

How many of us actually carry highly confidential material around on our laptops without a second thought? It is really easy to forget the value of this data and to become complacent. The need for caution at all times is becoming more apparent as the theft of laptops, and in particular their theft to gain access to the data within, becomes more prevalent. There are many types of mobile security products available yet it is all too easy to have it installed but because of the inconvenience it causes many people will avoid using it.

What security administrators want is software and hardware that is easy to use. They must encourage their mobile workforce in particular to use it as a matter of course. No-one wants a solution that slows everything down and affects their productivity but these days security has to take precedence so if a solution provides both the required level of security and doesnít cause undue problems then it is more likely to be a success.

LexiGuard provides transparent protection from unauthorized access to your usersí confidential data, while it also stops the data being stolen, either from within or by an outside attack. It also guards against identity spoofing. Users get more than strong encryption; LexiGuard is also PKI-enabled and supports the use of smart card technology, so you can with confidence safely store your keys.

With the enterprise version
available as well, this becomes
a very scaleable product

Installation is not a taxing affair. The CD is inserted in your CD drive and you simply click on the folder Lexiguard 1.1 to run setup.exe. If you donít have JAVA JRE installed, which you will need prior to installing the main program, you can install it from the LexiGuard installation CD. Then follow the prompts, insert your serial number and wait for the installation to finish.

LexiGuard offers users symmetric key algorithms such as DES, Triple-DES, RC4 and Blowfish. Public key algorithms incorporated within LexiGuard are RSA 1024-bit and the digital key algorithm is SHA-1 with RSA. It also provides open standard support and is compliant with PKIX and LDAP standards. The thing that makes LexiGuard particularly useful is the fact that there is an Enterprise edition, which is scaleable and supports a wide variety of platforms. It also offers PKI interoperability.

Due to its cross-platform capabilites LexiGuard provides an easily managed solution. It has a key recovery feature for forgotten passwords and you can store keys on a smartcard for added security.

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