Features and Benefits

The following features offer high value to corporate customers to meet their immediate security needs:

1. Security at Highest Level
LexiGuard™ incorporates:

  • Symmetric Key Encryption Algorithms - DES, Triple-DES, RC4, and Blowfish
  • Public Key Algorithms - RSA 1024-bit
  • Digital Signature Algorithms - SHA-1 with RSA

2. Open Standard Support
LexiGuard™ is compliant with the evolving PKIX and LDAP standards and supports:

  • X.509v3 for Digital Certificates
  • PKCS#11 for Smart Cards
  • S/MIME for E-mail

3. PKI Interoperability
Built upon the JAVA 2 security architecture, LexiGuard™ allows different algorithms and security features from other providers to be plugged in with ease. While it has the capability to generate its own certificate and signing keys, it can also incorporate digital certificates and keys from the leading PKI vendors such as Entrust and VeriSign.

4. Productivity
LexiGuard™ runs on different operating systems, Windows 95/98/2000, NT, Unix and Linux and thus provides the corporations with cross-platform software tool for enhanced productivity and manageability.

5. Scalability
LexiGuard™ is upgradable to the client-server version, LexiGuard™PLUS designed for the security of enterprise environments. With the family of LexiGuard products, corporate managers can easily transition from older security systems to next-generation security solutions such as digital certificates and smart cards.

6. Key Recovery and Master Key Solutions
LexiGuard™ offers practical solutions for rapid key recovery for forgotten passwords and master key for file decryption in an emergency. Several choices of solutions are available to the corporate managers to fit their specific environments.

7. Protection of Keys
LexiGuard™ offers the optional feature to utilize Schlumberger's Cryptoflex™ cryptographic smart cards and Cyberflex™ Java smart cards for the storage of private keys. This is an enhanced security solution since storing the keys in a portable, tamper-resistant smart card is more secure than keeping them on the hard drive that can be compromised readily.